Design and Writing Services

Worried about your company's image? Set yourself apart with beautifully designed advertisements, marketing pieces, and websites that reflect your professionalism. To build or improve your customer base, you have to build a positive reputation, and that starts with the first exposure potential customers will have to your business. If it isn't professional in appearance, potential business could be passing you by!

Graphic Design, website design, printing, and writing/editing aren't the only services offered by Cape Designs. Need a Facebook or other social media page established for your business? How about someone to manage your social media page, posting regular updates and keeping your services in frequent view of your Facebook fans? Do you need someone to perform administrative tasks for you, a professional to pull together a slick and flawless Word document, Powerpoint Presentation, or Excel spreadsheet? Maybe you're a writer and you need someone to transform your book manuscript into a professionally laid out file for print publication? How about a book cover for that book? Cape Designs can even create all the files you need for eBook publication. Check out the "Other Services" in the sidebar to the right. Cape Designs does a whole lot more than just making pretty pictures.

Contact Jayleigh Cape at Cape Designs to get a quote. If you don't see what you need listed, that doesn't mean it's not possible. If it involves design or writing/editing, it can be done!